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Zimdancehall shuts 2022....

2022 draws to an end two of the most sort after Zimdancehall artists Winky D and Seh Calaz go head to head in a showdown as they both launch their albums with Winky D at the HICC with his album Eureka Eureka and Seh

Calaz at his favourite spot the City Sports Centre with Reggae Dzinorira.which draws the conclusion that Zimdancehall is very much alive not dead as a small group of bloggers and hiphop artists tried to portray as a way of getting in the forefront of the industry.

When it was announced by both artists that 31st of December its their album launches their loyal fans have took it upon themselves to make it a battlefield by biting these two none feuding artists ,as we all know in the past when Calaz first came on the scene he declared war on Winky D releasing so many diss songs which went unanswered by Winky D even thou he also released some subliminal diss songs most thought where aimed at Calaz before Calaz friend Soul Jah Love took Winky D's side which angered Seh Calaz and this led to the famous rivalry which led to Sting 2014 Zimbabwe.

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