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Who is Vinceman ?.

Vinceman aka Evans Kaemba is an artist born on the 25th of March 1996 in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare , and now based in Beitbridge located in a province in Matebeleland South ,Zimbabwe.

Vinceman started my music career in 2012 school while still in secondary level, but then took it more seriously after he completed his O’level’s in 2013-14. ,he worked on various singles trying to nurture his craft and it wasn’t until 2015 when he got his breakthrough when he did the song ‘Zimbabwe nyika yedu (Our country Zimbabwe) which was also accompanied by a music video available on YouTube,locals started taking him seriously.

Vinceman was inspired to work on more songs to compile his debut album,which did not materialise due to complications and struggles he faced as an upcoming artist in the industry.

In 2020 he released an 8 track Singles collection titled*The Road* ( Nzira Yangu )which was available on cd’s distributed independently CDs and managed to sell over 300 CDs ,in 2021 he recorded more singles

and this did not go unnoticed as he got nominated for the Best Artist outside Harare category at the Zimdancehall awards.

The following year he got signed to Upliftment Records a Zimbabwean owned independent label based in the UK and also operating in Zimbabwe,and they remastered some of his previously recorded singles to complle a 6 track debut EP titled Mr Tapi Tapi which has tracks like Ruva Rangu (my flower) ,Court case ,New Level ,Kuziva Mwari (Knowing God),Mubvunzo why (Question why) and Mabiko (Party ) and is now available on digital platforms.

Vinceman is dedicated to continue working hard and growing his brand ,and he is currently working on various singles and riddim projects to keep his fanbase thrilled.#Mrtapitapi #upliftmentrecords #Vinceman #EvansKaemba #zimdancehallawards

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