Rickie Perplex on BBC 1Xtra

'So mek me tell u bout

The land with a story nuff a dem deh neva told

Zimbabwe Africa weh milk and honey overflows

Culture richer than silver and gold

My African people stand firm and stand bold

Black heritage u nah go see man sell out.........

Rickie Perplex the singjay from outta Warren Park has set the dancehall fratenity buzzing with his latest freestyle on the showtime riddim,Rickie Perplex who first buss pon di scene back in 2010 working with Gaawid at Trinida Studios and managed by Iykfresh Royalson who later brought him forth to Daddy Slaggy at Upliftment Records which led to big collaborations with J&G Records(UK),Father Bentley (US)Vigilance Music (Zim),V.I.S Records (Jamaica),ABSTRACT MUZIK GROUP (Bahamas) before going into hiatus to pursue his education.....

The freestyle Rickie Perpelx appeared on was hosted by BBC 1XTRA Seani B called Africa 360 and had artists like Buffal Souljah(Zim)Wyre(Kenya),King Lagazee(Ghana) and more...

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