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Reggae fraternity mourns again.🥲

The last living member of the original Wailers Neville Livingston aka Bunny Wailer (73) is no more he was pronounced dead Tuesday morning in Jamaica ,Bunny Wailer aka Jah B aka Don Dada who with childhood friend Bob Marley and Peter Tosh founded in 1963 in trenchtown Kingston and getting coached by the reggae Godfather Joe Higgs ,the Wailers found fame with their earlier albums Catch a fire and Burnin which had tracks like (slave driver),(concrete jungle),(stir it up) to name a few.soon after the tour promoting the album he retreated and concentrated more on his Rastafari livity and then came back as a solo artist with album the iconic Blackheart man in 1976 which also had all 3of the original wailers Marley,Tosh and Bunny working on it.Bunny Wailer who went to release other critically acclaimed albums scooping 3Grammy’s,3 keys of the City in the US and an order of merit in Jamaica 🇯🇲in 2017 .Don Dada went on to host a successful show in Jamaica stadium in 1982 with special appearances by Peter Tosh ,Jimmy Cliff and Judy Mowatt and this was organised by his own label Sophonic as he was not keen on flying which meant he shyer away from most overseas shows so when he made his US Madison Square Garden Centre show in 1986 he performed to a full house and even went over the stipulated finishing time but the venue let he carry on as the crowd fulljoyed themselves .Bunny Wailer who had a stroke early last year was working on some anniversary albums of Black Heartman and also the Catch a fire 50th anniversary in 2022...walk good Jah B

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