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One time for the Legends...

Born and raised in Marondera, Zimbabwe, Cheryl Valerie "CheReal" is a versatile vocalist whose primary roots and inspiration are in Raggae music.

Currently she lives in Johannesburg South Africa where she has also been influenced by the evolution of Kwaito music over the years and she has developed an appreciation for Amapiano, House Music and Afrobeats.

Her music carries a deeper message and she uses music to inspire, motivate and encourage her listeners. Being an African female artist, one of her goals is to use her voice and skills to support in the greater emancipation of underprivileged African people and re-writing the narrative that claims that Africans are inferior to any other race.

Cherly is passionate and her hunger to attain greater heights echoes throughout her work. if you are interested in fun vibes and exploring deeper musical concepts, this is an artist that you should keep your eye on.

Legends her latest single was inspired by the many artists that have influenced her over the years. The visuals for the track are something she created herself as she wanted to ensure that in addition to her voice her visuals played home age to all the Legends, mentioned and not mentioned on the track.

Having only recently started on her musical journey, Legends was inspired by the appreciation of the hard work and commitment that artists everywhere put into creating, distributing, performing and maintaining their musical careers. "Artists give us eternal gifts, in the form of timeless music and with Legends

, "I wanted to express gratitude for all that it takes to make music. It isn't easy. Sometimes you work hard and wonder if anyone sees or appreciates. This track is a reminder to every single artist known or unknown to keep moving and keep putting in the work. Every artist is a Legend for simply trying, and for sharing their gift" Cheryl said.

The track Legend features Harrie J Musiq and is a Mapswayi Music production having been produced by Fire G at Short Boss Records. The beat in itself mimics the work of Sean Paul, Shaggy and Spice, not as a replica but as a celebration of the production talent behind Sean Paul''s music., producers are sometimes forgotten and paying tribute to a producer in this track was a reminder to all producers and sound engineers that they are vital to the industry..

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