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Mustard seed has been well watered...

Music consumption has truly evolved and our attention span is very short now with this digital evolutiion we living in ,so to release an album is a big risk , and for it to be successful or atleast gain the deserved attention the necessary planning and preperations should take place with no peer pressure or what other artists are doing this can be noticed in Nutty O's debut album, yes debut album to all who follow the Zimbabwe music scene you might be well familiar with this young Mbare yute, he has been dropping singles for some time trying to pave his own lane .

Nutty O came out on the scene when zimdancehall was at its peak and him singing mainly in english patios(patwa) it proved difficult he once sang 'mupfanha we patwa hawulume' meaning you youngster who sings in Jamaican patios your won't make it in this industry ,and this can easily force an artists to either give up or try copy what others are doing but not Nutty O he pushed on fusing a bit of shona lyrics and hooks but still maintaining his english/patios slowly paving a way and path for himself with big hits like vroom,bless my hustle,buggatti just to name a few and as always the big question fans where asking is where are you dropping your debut album?.,and Nutty O kept on saying when the right time comes the album will drop and if you have heard Nutty O speaking you will notice he is a very articulate young man and seems to plan every move he makes just like a great chase player.

Brand Nutty O continued growing but the question on people's mind was still where is the debut album dropping ,and i think other artists can learn from the concept of Nutty O of dropping singles first and not rushing to drop half baked albums which are more like a compilation of singes with not theme at all ,on the album Mustard Seed Nutty O continued from where he left with his big single 'safe' which had a crossover appeal with very catchy melodies, Nutty O is that type of artist they call Singjay's in Jamaica who can sing and deejay at the same time and he made sure he picked the right producers to work with who can fit his style and since his songs have very powerful melodies he made sure he got one Zimbabwe's best when it comes to music arrangement ,melodies and vocals Macdonald Macdee Chidavaenzi who also provided his voice.and also production from Dj Tamuka, Jusa Dementor among others .

Mustard seed a 14track album which dropped on all digital platforms today 24/09/21 also features artists like Kae Chaps, Stonebwoy, Demarco and Exq who is also the co-producer , this body of work was destined for success as it incorporate a lot of creatives from production, vocals, artwork, distribution etc and the whole social media was hyped up waiting for it as soon as the cover and tracklisting dropped as we speak it currently the number #1 trending in Zimbabwe ,my stand out tracks are 'trouble in the city 'which also features a sample of the legendary Mbare artist Potato taken from countryboy and the song a crossover reggae song in the mold of Akon's (Mama Africa), Peter Pan the most hardcore of all the tracks produced by Jusa Dementor which has a chorus with lyrics like 'Jusa Dementor dem wish career woulda flop ,fly mumaraini vakunditi Peter Pan.I never care what the enemy a plan ngavatambire ikoko kuno vanofa....'and that hook speaks volumes of what the artist has been through in his journey,Kung fu another hardcore JMP production which also got a visualiser out on youtube ,Kokorigo which is oozing some influence from his former label head Jah Prayzah ,Shoulder,Be my girl ,the catchy Ndiwe ft Jamaican artist Demarco and also Success ft African dancehall giant straight from Ghana Stonebwoy who provided a very good intro and verse on a hiplife influenced beat,the album is something Zimbabwe has been searching for as it never steers away from its theme and has many potential crossover hits depending of the marketing strategy ,i must say up to now the plan and strategy has been a success i give Mustard Seed 8/10 and well done to Nutty O and team,

Review by Daddy Slaggy (Upliftment Records)

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