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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

ZimDancehall Stories Zw

Real name Perkins Mhange . born 17 July at rusike clinic,attended primary & secondary at Rusike in Goromonzi and started his music journey in 2019.P Vybes first recording was song titled Ndodada Newe that was recorderd at Allied Kings in Belvedere Harare on Mashasha Riddim pro by Leekay.P Vybes is currently based in Belvedere Harare and has released an Extended playlist with 5 tracks in January 2020. 1.Ndangariro 2.Chindidawo kero. 3.Kukohwa Zvandakarima. 4.Better Lyf. 5.Mazimari ft Popstyle. Currently he's teamed up with some local artists and they have formed a group called Fox Ryders family (FRF )so they can work together as a team,that's how he met Popskal Sizzler [Coach] a member of fox Ryders family and they collaborated on their hit song for Corona Virus called Tokunda Here{Kwaita Corona} that song went viral during lockdown and soon after that the Fox Ryders Family got signed to Upliftment Records working with Daddy Slaggy {Slaggy Yout} . Unondiona Semboko is the first song he [P vybes ] did after he got signed by Upliftment Records and has just released a new single ‘Ndinokuda’ a very catchy love song available on all platforms,there are also future projects to look out for only to mention Mad Crazy Riddim which is a project in progress pro by Dj Alfire in UK ft all Fox Ryders Family Vince Wah,P Vybes,Popskal Sizzler,Keisha Bryder,Kinder Baady,Mr Temiq,Fyah Roxy,Popstyle,Jnr Roxy. For more you can visit MaFox pa Facebook MaFox pa whatsapp MaFox pa soundcloud #PVybes #UnondionaSemboko #UpliftmentRecords #ZimdancehallStoriesZw

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