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Jamaica's Rape culture the saga continues...

When "it is a pity" singer Tanya Stephens opened her can of worms about her rape ordeal when she was 17 years old at the hands of a trusted older male reggae dancehall singer, Tanya did not mention any names as she said it will only lead to her getting attacked as the rape culture is big in Jamaica ,even thou she did not mention any names she gave clues which led to dancehall fans putting on their Columbo thinking caps trying to figure out who the sexual predator is who was big when Shabba was the king and Patra was the queen ,he now a so called christian big and heavy who called her his little sister ,and within a few weeks after that Tanya Stephens video another female has come up with accusations aimed at reggae artist Richie Stephens , Elaine Ling who calls herself General Ling an ex military from Singapore claimed that Richie Stephens raped her when she was on tour in Australia ,Richie Stephens ended up posting his own video denying the allegations which left a lot of people questioning his innocence ,another artist and fomer stablemate Bounty Killa was quick to give support to his brother but was met with some heat from most of his female follwers on instagram he ended up editing his caption and 'he is not defending Richie as his bro , but instead defending the rights and innocence of an person that until proven guilty i won't believe thou...'and Tanya Stephens has also posted a length post on her instagram and part of it reads 'General Ling called a name and was attacked ,i didn't call a name ....guess what i was attacked .fuck everyone of you ..rapist fi get bullet....and another artist Diana King of 'shy guy 'fame also dropped a bombshell about her gang rape ordeal at the age of 13.

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