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New Kid on The Block....

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

The new kid on the block from Marondera by name of Ashley Mashumba a hiphop/afro music producer/artist having done tracks like ‘hona kugona’,’gore rino,’one day’ a track which got selected to future on Power fm hiphop kings ,then in 2017 he released a 12track singles collection album titled The ruler,The king working with Rebelrayz Entertainment and then went on to release some singles including ‘hapana asina wake’ a remix of Tanga wekwa Sando,in 2020 Ashley affectionately known as mwana wekwa Mashumba signed up with UK based Zimbabwean owned Upliftment Records led by Zimdancehall pioneer Slaggy Yout aka Daddy Slaggy,and October he has released his first single ‘Vanhu Ava’ a trap influenced track and is putting finishing touches to his debut EP REALITY CHECK....

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