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Daddy Slaggy receives Honorary award..

Updated: May 27, 2022

Upliftment Records CEO ,artist and creator Daddy Slaggy formerly Slaggy Yout ,was finally honoured with an honorary award at the Zimdancehall Awards 2021 ,Daddy Slaggy being on the fore-front of the movement right from the start and even coining the name ZIMDANCEHALL back in 2006.The awards which where also first done by Daddy Slaggy and friends back in the UK around 2007 and 2008 before being taken over by other promoters in Zimbabwe had always excluded Daddy Slaggy which led to a public outcry and this award came as a surprise to Daddy Slaggy who wrote "Gratitude is a must ,give thanks for the recognition,nuff people played a part in the uplifting of zimdancehall,careers where built and visions became a reality,this here is sure a big surprise bless up zimdancehall community #slaggyyout#Upliftmentrecords#daddysyard

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