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Keisha Bryder


A Talented Musician

Keisha Bryder.....

Real name Beauty Lameck born 20 June 1998 at Blue Water Clinic.She attended her Primary and Secondary at Rusike in Goromonzi and started her music journey in 2018.

Her first recording song was tilted Havadi Kuona Ndichibudirira that was recorded at Mastermind Studio's in Westgate Harare on First Fast Riddim produced by Emmex Megga.

She is currently based in Goromonzi.Back then in 2018 she released an extended playlist with 4 tracks which were titled : 1.Usandisiye ft Miz Kid

2.Ndiwe Chete



She later on teamed up with some local artists and formed a group called FoxRyders family FRF so that we can work together as a team, soon after that as Fox Ryders Family.Currently she is signed under Upliftment Records (UK) working with Daddy Slaggy.

Recently she released 2 singles titled Ndichamuwana Rinhi and Mumoyo Zvondirwadza and after that she did l Gotcha In Lonely and which is going to be her first track with Upliftment Records .

Mumoyo zvondirwadza







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