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Zimdancehall Stories Zw is a writer who was once a Reggae/Dancehall artist who is promoting Musicians,DJ's,Mc's,

Dancers,Producers,Models,Actors,Sculptors and many to mention in the arts sector through writing stories and Biographs for them,though his movement is mainly focused on Upcoming Artists who are being looked down upon.

Born Itai(Do-It) B Chikutirwe on the13th Sept 1992 in Mutare at Mutare General Hospital and attended his primary education there in Mutare Florida at Baring Primay School and High School at Nerupiri High School Gutu and Masvingo Progressive College in Masvingo.

He started his musical journey when he was still in school as a member of school choir and also a Roman Cotholic Church choir member.

He was raised by a single parent since his  father passed away long back when he was doing grade 1 and got full support from his mother in his musical journey.

His first recording was a track titled Ndirikukurangarira in which he featured King Nash and Talented Cool Jay recorded in 2011 at Madiro Records owned by Ras Bledz Di Emparor in Germiston SA . He also worked with artists and producers like Lady Banks , Sobz Mix, Tinashe King Nash Masangudza ,  Hysoundz Muziq,  Fire Warrior Alliance Force Empire , Fyah Manak ,Mad Basics ,Capetown based super star Gameboi aka Mr Khakhi Entertainer and more.......

Also among his first singles was Ndiri Rasta,  Rastaman Chant , Ngatirambe Tichishanda ft Fire L Dangerous Leopard , Wyna and Digi Deng Deng which was on Killer Instincts Riddim by Xyclips @EyeC Records.

Currently he is based in South africa Rossetenview Johannesburg since 2015. He took a break on production since then  up to now and currently working in partnership with Daddy Slagy of Upliftment Records(UK) in this movement of the upcoming art promotion.He is also managing a Reggea/Dancehall artist by the name Kim Killer aka Chiboorangoma who is also based in SA.


Looking forward to work with many upcoming artists and be able to push with them till upcoming art is recognised and appreciated. 

What Inspires Itai Do-It...?

"I am insipired by Upcoming Zimbabwean artists who are struggling to make it in the arts industry as a whole and with all the hardships but they find a way to make good quality art......" 

Much thanks to all those supporting our movement.

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