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Let the Music Tell the Story

Music has the power to transport to us to another time & place we are an independent artist management/development/media company dedicated to showcasing & uplifting underground artists to greater ites,with our network dedicated to uplifting good music

Our Mission

Is to empower talented and enthusiastic creatives into becoming lucrative brands and also carrying forward the spirit of uplifting to the next generation,making use of the fast growing digital tools and platforms and getting our products to the right source and ears.

Our Vision

Is to be able to host our very own mini festivals/bash around the world showcasing some of our artists,to have a fully functional creative hub in Zimbabwe ,tapping and nurture talent,and also venture into films,documentaries and animination.

Our Inspiration

Upliftment Records is always been influenced by their community, culture and sounds of their hometown. In fact, our rapid rise and strength as a label couldn’t have happened without these powerful influences.

Mr Noxa

Exalate Livan

Marymo Undefined

Ashley Mashumba

P Vybes

Keisha Bryder

Vince Wah

Popskal Sizzler

Mr Temiq


Kinder bad


Jnr Roxy

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